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About Door-to-Door Fundraising

Our Door-to-Door program was designed to reach people in the communities where we are. Our fundraisers go house-to-house to inspire people to support our service men and women by ensuring no military family is left behind. Speaking to donors one-on-one allows donors to ask questions and learn more about our programs in a way that we could not offer without our partners. 

Service members sacrifice daily for our freedom. Relocations, deployments, and frequent training in the field present unique challenges for military families, impacting spousal employment opportunities, family bonding, and financial well-being. At times, they struggle to fully provide the basics for themselves or their families. 

Our sustaining donor community provides critical funds to create impact where it’s needed most: programs and services to address the unique challenges of military life. These critical services support whole-family wellbeing and include childcare, early learning, after-school and resiliency programs for school-age children, emergency assistance, and food security. 


Our Partner, Globalfaces Direct

Armed Services YMCA partners with Globalfaces Direct, one of the largest face-to-face fundraising services. In keeping with best practices for fundraising, our fundraisers are compensated through an hourly wage with no commission. They receive comprehensive training which allows them to speak on behalf of Armed Services YMCA about our work and fundraising programs.

Our fundraisers will invite you to take part in the Foundation’s monthly donation program and WILL NOT accept, nor ask for cash. We will accept void cheques for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and Credit Cards to set up your monthly donations.

How the process works:

  • Our fundraiser will enter and submit your information into the secure tablet and then call into our Telephone Verification Center with the following numbers: 1-866-890-6095 or 919-256-6125/ 619-541-7819.
  • The agent on the phone will proceed to confirm your information on a secure recorded line and process your first donation on the spot!
  • Within 24-48 hours you will receive a Confirmation Email from The Armed Services YMCA noting your donation details.

If you have any questions about The Armed Services YMCA or our door-to-door fundraising efforts, please contact our office at 866-4-ASYMCA.


Outbound Calling

In addition to face-to-face fundraising, Globalfaces is calling residents who expressed interest in donating at a later time during past door-to-door interactions.  If you receive a phone call from Globalfaces on behalf of Armed Services YMCA, rest assured these are legitimate representatives calling you. The phone numbers are 833-528-8358, 437-317-3400, and 437-317- 3395.  You can also go online to make a donation at 

Door-to-Door Program FAQs

Both our face-to-face fundraisers provide Armed Services YMCA with a safe and secure method for engaging our community. It is a cost-effective way of raising funds to support our programs across 89 military installations, and it allows us to connect with donors on an individual level. All Armed Services YMCA external fundraising agencies are expected to engage in honest, respectful, and effective fundraising to ensure results for military families, and an enjoyable work experience for their employees. They are expected to follow strict quality guidelines set by Armed Services YMCA, are completely non-commission based, and provide a competitive hourly wage.

Once you decide to become a monthly donor, the fundraiser will ask you to fill out a form with your contact information on their tablet, which will be sent to Globalfaces Direct (our vendor) verification center. You will receive a call from the following number: 833-605-1665 or 888-914-0485. A representative will speak to you over the phone to verify the information received from the tablet and will then ask you for your banking information to complete the sign-up process. An email will be sent immediately confirming your donation.

All information collected to become an Armed Services YMCA donor is used directly for tax receipting purposes and to update our donors on how their donations are making an impact. All information will remain confidential and will not be shared with any other organization. Your contact preference can be changed at any time simply by calling us at 1-866-4-ASYMCA.

Yes, absolutely! You can donate securely online at any time via our website at Alternatively, you can mail a check or cash to: Armed Services YMCA 14040 Central Loop Suite B, Woodbridge VA 22193.