Close up of the customized Operation Kid Comfort quilt square with a child's name and partent's branch of service

Operation Kid Comfort

Helping Military Children Cope During Deployments

Operation Kid Comfort provides quilts and pillow cases to military children of deployed active duty service men and women. Volunteers lovingly create hand-crafted, custom photo-transfer quilts and pillow cases to help children cope with the stress and loneliness that comes with being separated from a parent during deployment.

My sister came home from the hurricane evacuation to find a beautiful quilt. It had her in tears to come home to such comfort. My nephew has had a very difficult time during his father’s deployment and none of the experts on base could help. My sister was told he was too young to know that his father was gone, but we all know that isn’t true. The letter saying it is okay to cry and miss him really helped both of them. This good work means the world to the people you are helping. Thank you. Military Family Member, Operation Kid Comfort

About This Program

  • Quilts are made for children, age newborn to age 6.
  • Each quilt may include up to nine (9) photos depicting favorite memories of, or with, the deploying parent.
  • A standard-size pillow case is made for children age seven (7) and up.
  • Each pillowcase may include up to five (5) photos depicting favorite memories of, or with, the deploying parent.
  • Quilts/pillowcases are limited to one per child.
  • Families are not required to wait to submit a request until the service member is actively deployed. Requests can be submitted once orders for deployment have been issued.
  • This program is open to all service members, regardless of rank or service branch, but may be limited to specific duty statuses in some locations.
  • Requests must be submitted by an eligible service member with current orders to deploy, or by one of their immediate family members. Eligibility may vary by location, so please review the requirements for your branch.
  • If your military family does not meet the deployment criteria, but is otherwise subject to separation from your service member for six (6) consecutive months or more, please contact us here to inquire about eligibility.
  • If you are not stationed at one of the participating branches listed below, but otherwise meet eligibility requirements, you may apply through the Camp Pendleton branch on a “space available” basis.
  • Choose the appropriate number of photos to submit for your child’s quilt or pillowcase (up to nine (9) photos per quilt, or five (5) photos for pillowcases). These photos must depict the deploying service member. We suggest choosing photos that capture memories your child can relate to; family activities; the service member on duty or off, etc.
  • Please make sure the photos you submit are high-quality enough that they will print clear and sharp at sizes up to 8″ x 10″ (minimum should be approximately 1600 x 2000 pixels).
  • JPG or PNG file formats are preferred.

If you are stationed at a military installation served by one of the four ASYMCA Branches below, click your branch location and follow their instructions on how to submit a request. Only military families stationed at these locations will be served by the local branch.

If you are stationed anywhere else in the continental United States and Hawaii, then select the “Camp Pendleton” option below. There is a $5.00 Program Fee per Child and $15.00 Shipping Fee.

Participating Locations


Open to currently serving military, reserve and national guard families stationed anywhere in Alaska.

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Open to military families stationed at Camp Pendleton and all other locations in the continental U.S. and Hawaii.

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Fort Liberty

Open to currently serving military, reserve and national guard families stationed at Fort Liberty (formerly Fort Bragg).

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Open to currently serving military, reserve and national guard families stationed at Fort Cavazos (formerly Fort Hood).

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We need more volunteers! Help bring comfort to military children experienceing separation from a deployed parent by volunteering your quliting skills.

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