Self-Care Tips for Military Spouses

Written by TeLeah Thurston


You cannot pour from an empty cup. Many of us have heard this phrase before, but what does it mean? Not pouring from an empty cup is to stop putting everyone’s needs above your own. It is ensuring your desires are fulfilled first so you avoid becoming burnt out or resentful toward those entrusted to your care and support.

As a military spouse, mother, and entrepreneur, I have learned over the years just how important self-care truly is. What I do to fill my own cup varies depending on the season we are in, but these are some of the activities I frequent to ensure I can care for my family.

1. Clear Your Headspace

Journaling and meditation have helped me so much. Sometimes there is so much on my plate all at once and I get overwhelmed with my thoughts. Writing out the details of events and schedules, taking 5-10 minutes to just clear my head, and then simply focusing on breathing keeps me calm. This also helps during those fun toddler tantrums too, if you have young children.


2. Find a Hobby

Adult coloring books, learning musical instruments, and reading are some of my favorite things to do. Finding something that interests you allows you to unwind and enjoy life by having fun. With so many responsibilities, especially during deployments, all work and no play will drain you quickly. Remember to take a break from all your hard work and enjoy life.


3. Stay Connected

For a long time, I suffered in silence because I was too prideful to say I needed a break. Have open and honest conversations with your partner and community. Remain vocal and transparent about how you’re feeling, the headspace you’re in, and what you need. It’s impossible to be supported when people around you don’t know how to help you.

Also, a major help to my overall wellness has been unplugging from social media. Constantly seeing other people’s highlight reels of their lives and/or business can be a lot when you are on your own journey, whether that be professionally, physically or spiritually.

As a business owner, I have an obligation to social media but never at the expense of my sanity. There are many different apps that are available (for free) to schedule your content. Use them so that you can be intentionally present with your family and community.


ASYMCA is Ready to Serve

I have been affiliated with the Army for over a decade now; however, when I transitioned from veteran to military spouse, I began walking a whole new journey. I had three children before I found out about the Armed Services YMCA (ASYMCA).

As a new mom, I needed the resources and encouragement offered through this organization. From assistance with food insecurity to camps and training, ASYMCA stands ready to ensure no military family is left behind. Please consider donating to help support service members and their families.