Soldiers explore an area around a humvee at sunset while on deployment

Remember Everyone Deployed Day

Honor Their Sacrifice

Today We Wear RED: May 17

Service. Duty. Sacrifice. This is the path they tread. In their honor, today we wear RED.

As you Remember Everyone Deployed, you can act to help ease the burden of their deployment by ensuring the families they leave behind are cared for. By supporting the Armed Services YMCA, you are making a difference for the soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen by ensuring their families:

  • Have access to affordable, quality childcare so their spouses can continue to work
  • Are provided with the tools and social connections their children need to cope with their parent’s deployment
  • Have childcare at military clinics to give their families access to physical and mental healthcare
  • Do not have to choose between covering unexpected costs and feeding their families
  • Have access to assistance in the event of an emergency
  • Have a network of support as they navigate the uncertainties of deployment

The most important thing we can do as Americans to help our deployed military members is to make sure their family is well cared for. We need those service members 100% focused on their mission, not worried about how their child is struggling emotionally, or how a spouse might be struggling to keep the household running.

Our service members volunteer to shoulder the weight of protecting and defending all we hold dear. The path they tread in this service requires enormous sacrifice. Their families choose to travel this path with them. You can lighten their steps.

Take Action to Support Our Troops

Your donation to the Armed Services YMCA supports our mission by funding critical programs that facilitate the day-to-day needs of military families. By donating to the ASYMCA, you are caring for the families our service men and women leave behind, enabling them to focus on what’s before them. The single act of caring for military families can mean the difference between the success or failure of their mission.

By helping the Armed Services YMCA to spread the word about RED Day, you are giving of your time and adding your voice to an event that will help our military and their families feel recognized and supported. The more people who talk about RED Day leading up to May 17, and share their participation on RED Day through social media, the louder our voices will be to our military family.

Getting dressed is part of everyone’s daily routine. On May 17, choose red to make a statement to our service men and women and their families that you stand in support of their service, duty, and sacrifice.

Pledge to Wear Red

Be counted among those who pledge to wear RED on May 17 to Remember Everyone Deployed and showing your support for them by caring for their families.

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